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Terry, Frank and Thor are from the city of Chester in Cheshire. Terry and Frank have been playing together for some years now, having met at an open mic night at Alexander’s Jazz Theatre where their mutual love and understanding of the blues has made for a musical partnership that is well known around the city and surrounding areas. Thor Brown has recently joined the band as bass guitar player to add another dimension to their infectious musical style.

Terry - also known as Terry the Bear because of his growly singing style, and a  stature and presence that fills a stage - plays acoustic guitar and sings. He can also turn his hand to electric guitar, ukulele and banjo at the drop of one of his hats. (he does like a nice hat…..)

Frank plays the harmonica with a true blues style which meshes perfectly with Terry’s guitar and vocal work. He is a virtuoso harp player able to hold an audience with his harmonica solos.

Thor’s bass guitar style is essentially rhythmic in nature and he is influenced by classic 60s rhythm and blues. His bass gives the blues a real depth.

Their music is essentially Delta and Chicago blues  - Leadbelly, Howling Wolf, Robert Johnson, Willie Dixon, Jimmy Reed etc. They also play more recent music that fits this tradition so that they can provide a mix of old and newer.

Most importantly, their music moves along in a style where the audience cannot help but tap their feet. In several of the numbers the audience can be invited to join in. Proper audience participation……